Left: Detail  of The Energy - Love, 2014
                           Middle:   Energy - Love : Miracle , room size 11'x53' (each section 9.15' x 11'), lenticular, acrylic, glitter, mirror, inkjet print on paper, Real Art Ways, CT, U.S.A. 2015
                                      1. Blue Mountains, 26'x15', paper, tape,  vinyl, acrylic, animation projected on wall, Mercy Gallery, CT, U.S.A., 2013
                                          2. Left: Blue Mountains, Right: The Tower,  Mercy Gallery, Loomis Chaffee School, CT, U.S.A., 2013
                                          3. Best Wishes from The Magic Temple : Installation View I,  A-space Gallery, CT, U.S.A., 2012
                                          4 Best Wishes from The Magic Temple : Installation View II, A-Space Gallery, CT, U.S.A., 2012
                                          5.  Hi Love Kiss!, lenticular, ink, tape, mylar, vinyl, acrylic, digital photoframe(animation), stickers, glitter film,CT, U.S.A., 2011
                           Right:     6. The Watch & control II, digital print, acrylic on synthetic fiber,52 x8.8ft,acrylic on vinyl balloons, Ci-gong gallery, Korea, 2004
                                          7.The Virtual Hell, acrylic on digital print on synthetic fiber, 14x32.8ft,Busan Biennale:Busan Metropolitan Museum of Art, Korea, 2002

                                                  News!  2015 Artist Fellowship awarded (Mixed Media/ 2D installation)
                           from  the Connecticut Arts Council of Economic and Comunity Development (DECD), Office of the Arts(COA)
                      Link to  AAAC(Artasiamerica)'s digital archive : Hwang, Insook - selected works
      Installation View/ Solo Exhibition 2015 / The Energy - Love : Miracle,  Real Art Ways , CT  (June 18~Nov 1,2015)

                                                                                        Link to Real Art Ways

                                                                                       Link to the article about The Energy - Love : Miracle  
  Video : Insook Hwang's Art & Hatchfund Project

2014 / Solo Exhibition, The Energy - Love / A site specific installation 

Link to Installation View/ 2013 Solo Exhibition, Mercy Gallery Richmond Art Center, 

 Review : Art New England (July / August 2013)

 2012/ Solo Exhibition: Best Wishes from the Magic Temple (A-space gallery)
 Review : Connecticut Art Scene

2012/ Solo Exhibition (Hamden Hall)
2011/ Ripple Effect Exhibition 
2011/ CCT Fellowship Exhibition
2007/ Solo Exhibition at Artspace

Images of selected works (2002~2008)
Artist statement  (2008 ~ 2015)

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