Insook Hwang: Best Wishes from the Magic Temple
Nov. 17, 2012—Jan. 5, 2013.
Gallery hours: Friday and Saturday, 10 to 4 or by appointment
A-space Gallery at West Cove Studio & Gallery
30 Elm St., West Haven, CT  
- This show was organized by Stephen Kobasa (

Artist statement 2012

 Installation View :The Magic Temple /
Left wall: Guardian - Blue Dino,7'x9',acrylic on mylar, 2012
Guardian - Unicorn, 9'x12', vinyl, tape, mylar, acrylic, glitter film, 2012

Right wall: Jubilation (Three canvases put together,72x36inches(each)), lenticular, paper, acrylic, glitter, canvas, 2012
From the ceiling: clear plasitc balls, film, acylic, 2012

Detail : Jubilation, 2012


Installation View:The Magic Temple /
Front: Guardian - White Dino,6.5'x 8.5', tape, wire, acylic medium, 2012
In the middle: The Tower, 15'x11', tape, acrylic, vinyl, mylar, 2012
back: Spaceship, 13.7'x11', Lenticular, tape, acrylic, vinyl, 2012

Artist Insook Hwang and her work / The Tower, 15'x11', tape, acrylic, vinyl, mylar, 2012