Artist Statement


Insook Hwang



I believe that my role as an artist is to inspire and energize people with love and positive energy through


my art, which is creating magical forms and imaginative spaces. Through my playful abstract forms, I portray a metaphorical world where there are no cultural, political, racial, religious, national and ideological differences - no boundaries. It is a transcendental space filled with love and joyful energy.



My works are multi-dimensional mixed media installations composed of the combination of various traditional and digital techniques that I’ve been developing over a decade. Freehand drawing, painting, collage, sewing, and stamping with various digital techniques which include stenciling, sticker making, digital print, digital cutting, photography, animation and lenticular prints (holograms).



The lenticulars and mirrors in my work add the element of time to my installation. The reflection in the mirror suggests the viewer’s present time and space in contrast to the space behind the mirror already defined by the artist.



Amazing Now is a mixed media wall installation piece (approx. size: 6.5 feet high by 20 feet wide, 2016) composed of ten canvases (36 x 36 inches), each canvas portraying one letter of the title. Each character of the work  is  not  clearly  recognizable  when  viewed  up  close  but  when  viewed  from distance  it  becomes  more prominent, as if they are hiding, only to reveal themselves at a distance. This new project that resembles a series of large digital monitors with each panel its own miniature video wall creates optically intriguing visual fun along with happy and positive vibrations.


The star shapes in my work symbolize inspiration, rejuvenation and creativity, reflecting the spirit of the people. For the unique and diverse patterns and colors of the stars, I made stickers of my own design. Of the stars digitally cutout, some were printed digitally, while others were painted on paper with acrylic paint.   Lenticulars plates of different   patterns, tones of colors, and overlapping texts of love and how are you doing were manually cut out. Resin applied to the mirror stickers added more dimensionality to the flat shapes. The materials used mirrors, iridescent colors and lenticulars that change tones of colors according to viewer's perception – creates the optical illusion of being animated.


     I hope that my 'Amazing Now' awakens the viewers to feel the powerful moment of now and inspires them to imagine and create their happy futures.