Insook Hwang

Hi Love Kiss!, 2011, 11 by 11 feet,
Lenticular, ink, tape, mylar, v
inyl, acrylic, digital photo frame (animation), stickers, glitter film

This site specific wall installation combines a geometric black line drawing with animations creating the illusions of three dimensional depth of the space.

The net like structure symbolize the accumulated memories and experiences the unconsciousness of human beings that lasts forever, shifting their forms and evolving themselves in the space. The bright colors (magenta, yellow, cyan) symbolize the memories contained in the structure as positive and invigorating such as good will and wisdom. Four portraits of myself are combined to make abstract crosses that take the form of stars, in stickers as well as part of the animation, that are spread out, moving humorously suggest that I am free and luminous being, like a star that can travel anywhere, shining in the darkness. Hanging pillows and stickers of different sizes are used to create the illusion of depth in the wall space. To give the appearance of volume to the net structure, I’ve drawn it out with lines of tape that run directly from the walls and onto the floor with the support of transparent vinyl. In the lenticulars, the word “love” is written in different languages (including Korean, English, French and German) that overlap each other in patterns like hidden codes.

Techniques of lenticuar prints, stencil, airbrushing, digital cut (for the stickers), sticker making, photography, animation, painting, drawing, sewing and collage were applied. Materials used are mylar, vinyl, leticular film, glitter film, sign film, printed paper, digital photo frame, acrylics and ink.